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About Le’Stuff Antique Mall

Jeff & Sandie

Jeff & Sandie – Owners of Le’Stuff Antique Mall

Jeff & Sandie Nelson have been life long collectors and have always had a passion for antiques. It was always our Dream to one day have an Antique business when we retired – after moving around the country in the corporate world. John & Nancy Schuh, the original owners, started Le’Stuff Antique Mall in downtown Hillsboro in 1996.


We became dealers and Sandie started working for John & Nancy part time right away.


In the spring, John & Nancy approached us about buying the business and in June, we became the new owners. Jeff was still working for Eastman Kodak at the time and in the fall of that same year, he was able to take an early retirement after 20 years in the Health Sciences Division at Kodak. At that time, we were leasing the old JC Penny’s building at 230 E Main. We had over 8500 sq ft of dealer space and over 50 dealers.


In the spring we had the fortunate opportunity to purchase the building right next door. This building was not as large as the Penny’s building so we had to make some difficult decisions about which dealers we could keep and bring into our new space. We picked out those people that were dedicated and truly interested in being an antique & collectibles dealer. We narrowed down the dealers to about 20 of the very best and then begin planning out how to best create an Antique Mall that had the feel of the best we had experienced during our 20 years of traveling the US.


We’re very proud to say that the vast majority of those first dealers are still with us and we have become a family – all sharing the same interest – in providing quality antiques & collectibles at a reasonable price! We like to say – We’re Not A Museum and We Want Our Items to Find a New Good Home.

The rest is history and here we are 15 years later – truly LIVING OUR DREAM!

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