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Easter Sale March 29th – April 3rd

Posted by on Mar 23, 2010

Okay even though we had one of our windows broken out very late Saturday night by someone who just had to get their anger out on something and thought Oh, maybe I will just put my fist through thick glass of a fifteen by fifteen foot store front window and see how that feels and set off the alarm and run like (blank). Yes, we have a hole about 24 inches in diameter with cracks all the way through. Jeff and Sandie were woken up by the Hillsboro police at 2:00 a.m. to come down and board it up. Given all of this we are still having our fabulous Easter sale. It will be something different, because we just can not do anything normal. We have come up with this fun idea for customers to pick an egg out of a basket to find a prize inside. The prize could be a 5 10 or 15% off your purchase or maybe something free to find in the shop. For more fun there will be paper shaped eggs with special prices through out the mall. Our awesome dealers have been hunting for you and have brought some new items into the shop. Come in soon. Our sale starts March 29th and lasts for almost a whole week until April 3rd, that would be the Saturday before Easter.

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