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Beautiful everyday furnishings!

Posted by on Jul 8, 2016

How beautiful is this medical office furniture and equipment?  Can you imagine a time when everyday useful items were a work of art and made by craftsmen?  Well that use to be the way it was.  Our offices, libraries, schools had stylish furnishings like this.  Antique and vintage furniture was well made and made to last a very long time.  Even kitchen items and tools were beautifully handcrafted to last and be enjoyed by the person using it.  When was the last time you picked up a tool of any kind and said to yourself, this is a functional and beautiful?  Antique shops are full of useful well made attractive items.  You just have to ask yourself, why go to a department store when I could go to LeStuff first.  When you are looking for, well, just about anything, I think you will be happily  surprised to find a lot of what you need at a great price.  In addition you are purchasing something that stood the test of time.  I’m sure that when you come into our antique mall you will find the inspiration you need and switch shopping at our store first.  See you soon.

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