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Father Day Ideas And The Green Movement

Posted by on May 18, 2010

We have changed the windows and the dealers have brought in some amazing items in the last few weeks.

Are you part of the green movement? What, you ask is the green movement. It is the great idea to start recycling and taking better care of our planet. What a better way to get some cool things for your home, help the planet by reusing things that have stood the test of time and get things that actually last for years. An antique shop is a great place to start your path to being green. I’m certain you will be amazed and utterly ecstatic with what you will find. Just take the journey out to our shop and snoop around. I will bet that you will be happy you did.

Don’t forget fathers day June 20th. I know it seems early to talk about it but you know how time flies. So hurry up and get in to the shop. Oh, and of course we will be having a sale the week before.

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