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Happy Winter

Posted by on Jan 12, 2010

Who has been cleaning, organizing and rearranging their home? I have been and it is a great winter indoor thing to do. Getting organized is wonderful and it has that I have accomplished something today feel to it. When you get that “feeling” it may be time to head to your favorite antique shop. What about using something unusual for storing common things or adding beautiful linens to give a room a freshen up look? Our dealers have brought in some beautiful linens and there are plenty of great things that would work for your storage needs. Just think of the fun you can have.

I know it is only January but the Vintage Valentines have been trickling in. I just want to give you a little preview of these amazing little cards that have so much character and the greatest little poems.

We have some beautiful quilts and some fun crafting and sewing things in the shop. Old paper, playing cards, jars of buttons and jewelry. Let your imagination go and get inspired.

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