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June is here! Summer fun and Father’s Day

Posted by on Jun 8, 2017

At Le’Stuff we love what we do.  Jeff, Sandie and Jared are committed to their unique understanding of what it’s like to enjoy their work.  They are the proud owners of this amazing antique shop, who work tirelessly to provide cool and unusual items for their customers.  They are thoughtful and have a vast understanding of the product they sell.  Do they know everything about antiques?  Of course not, but their love for it keeps them searching and listening to our customers for more facts about what they sell.  Because our customers are well versed in what they love too and that’s part of what makes owning your own business fun and worthwhile.  Why is this important?  Because at Le’Stuff with this kind of ” love for what you do” attitude, it means that you will be a happy customer and that is what they strive for everyday.  Also having a diverse selection of dealers who rent their own space and bring in their own product makes it more fun for you, our customer.

 Thank you for supporting small business.

 Check out our Facebook page for updates on sales and more photos.  

Father’s Day is June 18th with a 10% off any gift for that special guy in your life.

See you soon!

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