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Antique Shop 10% Sale

Posted by on Jan 5, 2011

If you want to know about sales in our store you can check out old stuff magazine that can be picked up at most antique shops or frequent this blog and I will keep you updated. We tend to have a lot of sales this time of year.

First is the sale that has already started. It runs through January 9th. It is a fun sale we like to do this time of year. Any item that is white or has white on it is 10% off. Not to worry if you can’t make it in this week we will start another one shortly.

White sale: January 2 – 9th
Glass and pottery sale: January 27th – 31st
(All pottery and glass is 10% off)
Red sale: February 7th – 14th
(Any item with red is 10% off)
Expo sale: March 3rd – 8th
(store wide 10% off)

If you are in the shop you can put your email address in our book and you will be notified of sales.

Here are some pictures of the new (old) things that have arrived in our store. Reminder: Our amazing dealers bring in merchandise almost everyday.

How cool is this cabinet.

This is a beautiful hutch that is in our window display.

The table is a great addition to the hutch.

If you like to add pretty things to your table for entertaining then you should see some of the items we have.

Do you like to bake or collect cookie jars?

How about getting your kids into baking or collecting?

Our window is filled with fun baking items. What a fun winter thing to do.

We have old skis and snow shoes for winter fun or decorating.

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